Roy Lichtenstein: Girl with Hair Ribbon

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Mosaic details:

This is Roy Lichtenstein's famous iconic picture Girl with Hair Ribbon.
The mosaic was compiled from a collection of classic paintings fragments.

How it was made:

The first step for this mosaic was to prepare tiles. Although fine art images gives you lots shapes and colors it was a good idea to crop them. Usually classic paintings include a complex multifigure compositions. They are great to look at, but don't forget that every tile in mosaic is just a small rectangle. If we simply use whole pictures as a tiles, they will be look like tiny, hard to understandable color spots. Cropping allow us to enlarge recognizable image details and focus tiles on them. This way you may see tile details even from a distance.

Please see how Click 2 Crop helps you to crop lots of images fast and careful here. There are about two thousand cropped fragments in the library.

Mosaic has 50 columns and 58 rows and contains about one thousand different images. Some of these pictures repeated two or three times. It is because Mazaika used only half of the library with white, yellow and red colors. Colors of tiles in the other half of the library were less suitable for our mosaic. Probably they will be more useful when we'll make mosaic in blue or green colors.

Mosaic was rendered to quite a large 22,000 x 25,000 pixels image This image can be printed with 300 DPI resolution as 73 x 83 inches (it's 6 x 7 feet or 185 x 210 cm) poster.