Photo Jumble 2.0 Example

1500 photos from Italia.

Photo Jumble Mosaic details:

This Sample Photo Jumble was created with Photo Jumble v 2.0. This is just a huge mess of photos. No main subject. Different photos. 1500 pictures taken in Italy composed at first mosaic, 150 Mexican pictures assembled at second one. All pictures were random scattered over the pages. Layers have light-yelow border with black outline and shadow.

Both images are 10,000 x 15,000 pixels size. It is 33" x 50" (84 x 127 cm) if printed at 300 DPI or 66" x 100" (1.68 x 2.54 m) if printed at 150 DPI.

Zoom into mosaic to see more tile detailes.

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