Mazaika at Intel Lynnfield Core i7 CPU launch event in Taipei, Taiwan.

September 8, 2009. Mazaika was featured at Intel Lynnfield Core i5 and Core i7 launch press conference in Taipei, Taiwan.

Watch this video, of Janet Hsieh, host of FUN TAIWAN on Discovery's Travel and Living Channel, put Mazaika through its paces at Intel's new chip-family launch event. See how fast Mazaika runs on Intel's newest (and, for now, fastest) Core i7 quad-core CPU! If you need lots of mosaics REALLY quickly, this may be your best bet.

But, please keep in mind that Mazaika has been, from its beginning in 2000, designed to run comfortably on much more modest home and office level computers. As Janet herself makes clear in the video, she's been "playing with" Mazaika on her computer for some time.

Janet Hsieh, Navin Shenoy
talk about photo mosaic.

Taiwan TV Star Janet Hsieh and Intel Vice President Navin Shenoy talk about photo mosaic.

Photo mosaic software Mazaika
Screenshot of Intel Core i7 system.

Screenshot of Intel i7 system with running Mazaika photo mosaic software.


Photo and Screenshot: Courtesy of Intel Corporation
Video: Courtesy of

You may see longer video of the press conference here: