Barbarella from comics.

Jane Fonda as Barbarella assembled from comic books covers.

This is one of our most popular image created with photo mosaic software Mazaika. It was used as a set dressing item for a big motion picture Funny People (2009) directed by Judd Apatow with Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen and Leslie Mann in the lead roles.

Seth Rogen in front of Barbarella mosaic poster.
Still frame from

Still frame from Funny People (2009) movie.

Mosaic details:

The poster was composed from 650 unique images that were selected from quite a large of 18,000 comic books covers. These covers are used as they are. No color enchantment or blending.

This mosaic has only 26 columns and 25 rows and it demonstrates ability of Mazaika to create very detailed mosaics even when they contains less than one thousand cells.

There are many photo mosaic software that claims to make state of art mosaic but in real life all that these programs may to create is a huge arrangement of tiny images, not recognizable from even a short distance.

Unlike these program our Mazaika makes a real photo mosaics with tiles large enough to be easy recognized from quite a distance.

The mosaic is 10,000 x 14,000 pixels and can be printed as a 33 x 45 inches (85 x 120 cm) poster at 300 DPI resolution.

Currently we don't sell image printouts. If you like to print one by yourself please send us email and we will be happy to help.